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Apr. 6th, 2018 04:49 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] nostalgia. Am having sudden flashbacks to 2005. ANYWAY, have also stolen her version of only doing Who and splitting New and Old cause it makes it easier for me, yay.

my favorite female character

Old Who: MMm, technically Babs, but on some days it might be Romanas or Liz Shaw.
New Who: AMY. No wait, I forgot Missy happened. And River. Um.

my favorite male character
The Doctor. Two, obv. And quite a lot Four. Twelve and Eleventy in the New Series.

my favorite book/season/etc.
Old: s7 is factually the best and brilliant, but actual fav is s8. And s17. And sometimes s11 and s16.
New: s5 is the best of course. But 8 and 9 are amazing apart from the bits that aren't and OH Missy in 10 omg. Mostly I just love the Mofftiems and they make me v happy.

my favorite episode (if it’s a TV show)
Old: The Time Monster.
New: The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone PERFECT IN EVERY WAY DON'T @ ME.

my favorite cast member
Old: Umm, hmmm. I've met quite a few of them now, do I have a fav? William Russell was pretty fucking amazing, I'll say him.
New: Karen Gillan. Partly cause she's Scottish, yes, but also I love everything she says in interviews and such.

my favorite ship
Old: Four/Romana II. Though it is V HARD not to say Babs/Ian.
New: Mmm. It stil might be Doctor/River, though it is maybe Twelve/Missy?

a character I’d die put a reasonable amount of effort into defending
Old: Polly. Though peoples seem to be underrating her less recently.
New: River? Clara? Basically any Moffat heroine I love, which is all of them. And Martha, who deserved so much more.

a character I just can’t sympathize with
Old: Ummm...Adric. God that's a boring answer.
New: Rose. Still annoying as fuck.

a character I grew to love
Old: Vicki. Once she was Susan's replacement and that made me resentful, now she is just amazing sauce.
New: Clara. Bored the fuck out of me for half a season but ended up shipping her and Twelve and their messed up ways quite a lot. Actual Clara/Twelve fandom makes me scared though.

my anti-OTP
Old: God, I'll read anything...ummmm....ooh, Brax/Romana, does that count?
New: Ten/Rose. It nevers gets less bleargh, alas.
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Do I know anyone who has opinions about the Doctor Who Target books (they've just realised four new ones) and is a woman and would be interested in going on a podcast to talk abt said opinions?
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I love the Capaldi era btw, in case you didn't know. And Missy is perfect.

ANYWAY, I was browsing through my big pile of notebooks today and found notes for what was to be an EPIC End of Time (sort of fix-it but not rly cause you can't fix that shit) Ten/Simm!Master fic. I know I wrote the start, a few thousand words at least, and it's hiding on an old computer and I quite want to go and dig it out and see how terrible it is.

Also, while my One True Character in Disco Trek is Burnham obv, beginning to worry my ship is, er, Lorca/Landry. Must now instigate fannish war with the Lorca/Cornwell shippers.

Oh hello!

Jul. 2nd, 2017 12:06 am
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Is this thing on?
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"For people with way, way too much time on their hands."

The idea is this: you get a few bottles of yer favoured tipple, sit down and watch the entirety of I, Claudius without any breaks and take a drink every time you spot an actor come on who's been in Doctor Who.

- unless it's Derek Jacobi, cause he comes on rather a lot. Just take a teeny wee sip instead.
- if you can name the actor's Who character and the story they appeared in, take an extra drink the first time they turn up in Claudius (if they've been in Who more than once, have an extra drink for every character and story you can name.)
- finish the glass if you spot the Black Guardian.
- if you spot Pat Gorman and can name every role he had in Who, keep drinking until you pass out.

And, for I am just that helpful, here is the complete list (feel free to correct me, yo) in chronological order of their initial Who appearances:

Doctor Who/I, Claudius actors )

Naturally, I take no responsibility for the consequences should anyone actually choose to follow these suggestions for it will make you very tired and drunk and you will probably do something enormously silly. Or get alcohol poisoning.


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