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"For people with way, way too much time on their hands."

The idea is this: you get a few bottles of yer favoured tipple, sit down and watch the entirety of I, Claudius without any breaks and take a drink every time you spot an actor come on who's been in Doctor Who.

- unless it's Derek Jacobi, cause he comes on rather a lot. Just take a teeny wee sip instead.
- if you can name the actor's Who character and the story they appeared in, take an extra drink the first time they turn up in Claudius (if they've been in Who more than once, have an extra drink for every character and story you can name.)
- finish the glass if you spot the Black Guardian.
- if you spot Pat Gorman and can name every role he had in Who, keep drinking until you pass out.

And, for I am just that helpful, here is the complete list (feel free to correct me, yo) in chronological order of their initial Who appearances:

  • Fiona Walker (Agrippina; Kala [The Keys of Marinus]; Lady Peinforte [Silver Nemesis])

  • George Little (Tortius; Haroun [The Crusade])

  • John Scott Martin (Julia's lover; amongst quite a lot else: Dalek Operator [from The Chase to Rememberance]); Hughes [The Green Death]

  • Frances White (Julia; Cassandra [The Myth Makers])

  • Pat Gorman (Captain of the Guard; amongst many, many, many others freedom fighter [Dalek Invasion of Earth]; Silurian/Silurian scientist [Doctor Who and the Silurian]; Medic [The Invisible Enemy]

  • Kevin Stoney (Thrasyllus; Mavic Chen [The Daleks' Masterplan]; Tobias Vaughn [The Invasion]; Tyrum [Revenge of the Cybermen])

  • John Cater (Narcissus; Professor Krimpton [The War Machines])

  • Jo Rowbottom (Calpurnia; Mollie Dawson [The Evil of the Daleks])

  • Aubrey Richards (Varro; Professor Parry [The Tomb of the Cybermen])

  • Roy Stewart (Sentor; Toberman (The Tomb of the Cybermen]; Tony [Terror of the Autons])

  • George Pravda (Gershom; Denes [The Enemy of the World]; Professor Jaeger [the Mutants]; Castellan Spandrell [The Deadly Assassin])

  • Esmond Knight (Old Defender; Dom Issigri [The Space Pirates])

  • James Bree (Montanus; Security Chief [The War Games]; Nefred [Full Circle]; Keeper of the Matrix [The Ultimate Foe]; Counsel for the Defence [Doctor Who's Lust in Space])

  • Roy Purcell (Vitellius; Chief Prison Officer Powers (The Mind of Evil); President of the Council [The Three Doctors])

  • Andrew Manson (Guardsman; Alien [The Mutants])

  • Donald Eccles [Pollio; Krasis [The Time Monster])

  • Micheal Hawkins (Rufus; General Williams [Frontier in Space])

  • Alan Tucker (Guard; Latep [Planet of the Daleks])

  • John Bennett (Xenophon; General Finch [Invasion of the Dinoaurs]; Li H'sen Chang [Talons of Weng-Chiang])

  • John Beardmore (Slave; Thal General [Genesis of the Daleks]; Captain Revere [Frontios])

  • John Franklyn-Robbins (Atticus; Time Lord [Genesis of the Daleks])

  • Guy Siner (Pylades; General Ravon [Genesis of the Daleks])

  • John Laurimore (Lentulus; Count Federico [The Masque of Mandragora])

  • Renu Setna (Musa; Intern [The Hand of Fear])

  • Geoffrey Hinsliff (Rufrius; Jack Tyler [Image of the Fendahl]; Fisk [Nightmare of Eden])

  • Stan McGowan (Young Man; Vardan Leader [The Invasion of Time])

  • Bruce Purchase (Sabinus; The Captain [The Pirate Planet])

  • Denis Carey (Livy; Professor Chronotis [Shada]; The Keeper [The Keeper of Traken]; Old Man [Timelash])

  • George Baker (Tiberius; Login [Full Circle])

  • Sheila Ruskin (Vipsania; Kassia [The Keeper of Traken])

  • Stratford Johns (Piso; Monarch [Four to Doomsday])

  • Kevin McNally (Castor; Hugo Lang [The Twin Dilemma])

  • Brain Blessed (Augustus; Yrcanos [The Mysterious Planet])

  • Patricia Quinn (Livilla; Belazs [Dragonfire])

  • Jonathan Burn (Fabius; Silas P [The Happiness Patrol])

  • Christopher Guard (Marcellus; Bellboy [The Greatest Show in the Galaxy])

  • Laurie Goode (Doctor's Assistant ; British UNIT Trooper [Battlefield])

  • Derek Jacobi (Claudius; Shalka!Master [Scream of the Shalka]; Professer Yana [Utopia])

    Naturally, I take no responsibility for the consequences should anyone actually choose to follow these suggestions for it will make you very tired and drunk and you will probably do something enormously silly. Or get alcohol poisoning.
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